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Every gardener needs a basic set of gardening tools. Effective tools produce excellent results! No harm to soil, no bending, no backache! These tools, designed by Ploskorez, would do just that for you!

Ploskorez long-handled cultivating and weeding hoes notably stand out from the conventional small-scale soil tilling tools. If you like gardening but was held back by intensity and stress involved, then you are at a right place. The Ploskorez range of ingenious and versatile, multifunctional hand-held cultivators and weeders allow you to perform most of the primary and secondary tillage tasks (breaking up and smoothing out the topsoil, further breaking up clods and removing to provide a finer soil structure suitable for seedbed use, forming rows and beds, planting and covering seeds after sowing) without a need to turn the soil over. This way no harm is caused to the good soil microorganisms and producing good tilth in the process.

Special Offers


A breeze! Long (1.3m), lightweight and comfortable ergonomic birch wood handles save you from straining your back keeping your body upright. No bending, no backache! You accomplish more tasks and in shorter time period. You can even adjust the cutter angle to best suit your height and preferences.

A Tip: Grip the handle with both hands as you would do a flag or a golf club, i.e. with both thumbs facing the sky! Gardening is so much easier and streamlined with Ploskorez tools! Browse through the store to find out which models will suit your needs best and contact us!

Our Money Back Guarantee *:

We promise that once you discovered how easy it is to maintain the garden with Ploskorez tools, you will never walk into the garden without one. With a minimum care to high quality carbon and stainless steel of cutting heads, the tools will serve you for many years. If you are not completely satisfied or convinced within 30 days of receiving your Ploskorez product, we guarantee to give you your money back!

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