About Us

In 2016 Ploskorez UK has been setup to become a sole importer of Ploskorez branded products. The project was inspired by people we met over in Western and Eastern Europe: enthusiasts and followers of the ingenious tools originated from Russia and widely used there, as well as in other parts of the world, for over a decade.

Ploskorez means “flat-cutter” has been developed with three main principles in mind:

– Do not hurt yourself
– Do not harm soil and its micro-environment
– Preserve your crops

With small scale gardening gaining worldwide popularity, especially in the United Kingdom, it seemed only natural to share the benefits of Ploskorez products with huge army of gardeners and enthusiasts in this country.

It’s designers and manufacturer continuously develop and improve their products, which gave us confidence that our customers will always be updated with the innovations and benefit from the best gardening tools and products on the market.
“I never go out to work in my garden without one!” – said Angelika from Germany about Ploskorez tools. Need we say more about this feedback?! Try it out for yourself! As of June 1 2018 you can buy Ploskorez in the UK directly from us or from one of our major distributors.

Nobody is perfect… that is why we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Never hesitate to contact us should any questions arise. And if we are not on Twitter or Facebook, then we are most likely to be in our garden (or babysitting 🙂 ).