Become a Distributor

Ploskorez Long-Handled Gardening Cultivators and Weeders have long established themselves as a “must have” among Eastern European gardeners, and are now fast gaining international recognition and popularity.

As the sole importer, Ploskorez UK intends to make the tools available to the UK garden enthusiasts and commercial horticulturists. If you would like to become part of the Ploskorez family as a distributor, please contact us using or by calling 07956 211 761 to speak with Vladimir.

You will have full support from us and the whole international Ploskorez community. You do not need to buy any stock as we will handle all customers’ orders ourselves, offering them an introductory discount and awarding yourself additional income in commission. A win-win situation indeed! Becoming a Ploskorez distributor is rewarding emotionally as well as financially.

Call Vladimir now on 07956 211 761.